Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Roof Damage

During storms your home is in the mercy of Mother Nature. This home took a hit during a storm damaging the roof and causing water damage. The homeowner was extremely impressed at our quick response time and that our crews were able to minimize the damage.

Heavy rains

During heavy rains the number one water damage source is sump pump failure. Maintaining and having a back up plan is your best outcome to reduce the risk of sump failure. Checking the pump frequently during heave rains will also help you catch the issue should your sump pump fail. If your sump pump should fail and you receive water damage call SERVPRO of Frankfort right away. 

Hospital flood

No matter the size of the disaster SERVPRO is always ready to help. This hospital had flood waters from the nearby creek come into their building. With all hands on deck and commercial grade equipment SERVPRO was able to quickly start the drying process.  The hospital board was extremely impressed with SERVPRO's sence of urgency in taking care of their emergency. 

Storm damage

This Manhattan, IL home was struck with disaster when the roof was tore off during a storm. Wet insulation covered the home. With more rain on the way SERVPRO of Frankfort technicians main priority was getting the roof secured to prevent more damage. 

Sump pump failure

Sump pump failure is the leading cause of basement floods. During strong rains and overuse a sump pump can fail when you need it the most. When sump pump failure happens SERVPRO is available 24/7 to assist with any of your needs. 

Basement flood

After several days of rain the river flooding this homeowners basement. With SERVPRO trained technicians on the scene they were able to put the homeowner at ease. We were able to remove all the water and even help with a claims list for them to send to their insurance company. Helping remove stress and get them back to their normal life as soon as possible is our main goal.